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12 Most Least Obvious Best Reasons You Should Be Working Out

We all know we should workout (and eat right) and we know why. It's good for us.

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15 Apr

12 Most Fundamental Habits of the Super Fit

1. They don't think of their fitness as work, but rather a way of life.
It's kind of like taking a shower, sure you can go without one, but you just don't feel right the rest of the day.

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12 Most Inspiring Ways to Think Yourself FIT

It's interesting that people see their bodies and health as some completely separate entity, as though it's completely on it's own, not doing what you want it to do because it's "tired" or "busy".

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I Decided...

The only way to get there, is to decide to. That's what I did.

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Motivation. You start out STRONG! … for a day, maybe 2 and then it's gone. Why can't you make it stick?! You want it badly and yet your best intentions dwindle.

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8 Secrets Of the Fit Mind

Want to be fit? Then you have to THINK LIKE A FIT PERSON.

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What would happen if you said No?

So nice of you to let everyone go ahead of you.
Marvelous of you to give up plans and goals to make sure everyone else is happy.

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Scales Are Bad

Ok. Let me clarify. Scales in and of themselves are not bad since they are just plastic and metal and they are just doing what scales do...weigh things.

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4 Holiday Fitness Recovery Actions to Take RIGHT NOW

It's over.
The stress is gone, the frenzy is over and all your loving work and effort helped create a beautiful holiday but..
it's time to move on and refocus on your own body and health.

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Are You Shrinking?

You’re letting chores and tasks take over and replace your drive and passion to create your dream.

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