5 MUST-Think Thoughts To Get You Fit

If your fit resolution have already faded, and you're not even sure how to climb back up on your fitness horse, it's time to shape up your mental game. It's not what you're doing, it's what you're THINKING. You MUST have the right thoughts to create the right actions. Self defeating, giving up thoughts created exactly the opposite of what you want. Start with these 5 basic STRONG THOUGHTS to get you back on your way!

1. I need to eat.
That starving yourself thought process is just a road to defeat. Even if you do lose weight by overly restricting your calories, you won't be able to sustain it so you'll go back to the way things were, and so will your body. You need to think--> at least 90% of what I eat needs to be healthy and balanced. That is, a protein, good carbs (veggie/fruit and starchy), good fat, and fiber. Eat clean to get lean.

2. Temptation is only hard in the moment so walk away from this moment.
Once you say "no thanks" or walk away, the thoughts of "I WANT IT" actually leave your brain relatively quickly. But don't keep temptation in your house. There's no need to keep junk in the house, even for your kids. They don't need it either. Your primary job is to keep your children healthy so saying no to too many treats is a good thing! Make treats just that - something special.

3. It's OK to fall, but I have to get RIGHT BACK UP.
That is, if you eat something you shouldn't, make the rest of your day as clean-eating as possible. Don't throw in the towel and make it an all out wipe-out of a day, just call it a stumble and get up! Shoot to have as many good days in a row as you can. The more you get, the faster you'll get your goal.

4. Exercise isn't hard it's a challenge.
Workouts should be challenging but if they are so hard you don't enjoy them, you'll stop them. Not all exercise lives at the gym, and not every workout has to be an all out war. There are lots of fun ways to get your MOVE on - classes, biking, walking, kayaking, even DVD's from the library. Not only does exercise healthify and sculpt your body it's a mood stabilizer and energy builder!

5. I can do this.
You've gotten through school, worked at demanding jobs, overcome hardships, raised (raising) children, run a household, and so many other amazing tasks, you CAN certainly do this.

Believe in yourself.. see yourself.. BE your true self.