The Change Challenge 2015

Let 2015 be YOUR year!

Don't let another year pass without moving towards your goals!
Join me in The SmashFit CHANGE CHALLENGE!


Me and You  -

Write me *CLICK HERE* and you can set up a free 15 minute consultation. Create a plan tailored to your specific life, your specific issues, and your specific goals. I'll work with you to create your new day which will incorporates your new habits which is where your new body and life LIVE. (Yes, completely free, no strings.)

When we work together, we'll figure out the best food and workout strategy for your goals so it fits into your busy life. The Change Challenge is a phase by phase, change by change process to a smaller, tighter, leaner body and you’ll learn the mental and physical strategies to keep it off... forever. Small changes, BIG impact at a pace that's do-able. Every goal needs a plan. Your tight fit body awaits you behind some bad habits and the confusion of where and how to start, but it’s not nearly as hard as you think it is! It’s just a shift of some habits and joggling of some time and you’ll find that your new thoughts and routines will actually SAVE you time and so so much frustration.

Lets work togther on your own personal ONE-on-ONE Get Smaller, Tighter, Leaner, Healthier, and Happier PLAN


What exactly is The Change Challenge?

It's making small changes over time until they become your new habit - "habit shifting". You eliminate some foods and add others while beginning to find pockets of scheduled time to *move*. Drastic and restrictive plans don't work because they're impossible to maintain. The Change Challenge helps teach you which changes to make and how to make them fit into YOUR life.

The idea isn’t weight loss or fitness, per say, it’s to teach you new thinking so you can carry forward and design a healthful life that is do-able, live-able, and stick-to-it-able! THAT is the way you lose weight, that is how you get fit, and that is how you get lean. You need to think the right thoughts to do the right things and your body will have no choice BUT to change. *HABIT SHIFTING*

Anyone can lose weight, but learning to keep it off forever takes change. Every change you achieve gives you new confidence and builds momentum to tackle your next change, and the next and the next until you're not just changed, you're *transformed.*

The Change Challenge is different from other fitness challenges in that it takes the focus away from the scale and puts the emphasis on what it is you need to DO to reach your goals. The focus is on making small, manageable, maintainable changes and when you make these changes week to week, your body will have no choice BUT to change. This is the key to The Change Challenge - habit shifting". Replacing a holding-you-back behavior with a push-you-forward one.


The motto I created for SmashFit,  “Your fitness is 100% mental. Your body won’t go where your mind doesn’t push it.” is at the heart of The Change Challenge. Learn how to build your mental strategy to get physical results that last forever! Change how you think, to change what you do and you’re body will have no choice but to transform.

Fitness seems hard because you think you need to make all these big changes at once - change my food, eliminate everything I love, workout 5 days a week - no wonder you’re put it off! In fact, you don’t have to do any of those things. Modification in phases, yes. Some elimination, yes. But as you work the challenge, those changes will make sense, you’ll have alternate ways to think and eat that work for you, and when you see progress, you won’t want to go back. Often it’s the smallest changes that have the biggest impact. Example, if you’re a soda drinker, eliminating that one thing will literally change your body.


The Change Challenge is tackling small, manageable changes that you incorporate into your day. Focus on only these few changes for a week and then you'll add a few new changes the next week. Your body will start to transform change by change.

What will be significant about these challenges is that they will be modifiable to your life. This isn’t about what I want you to do, it’s about what *you want* and the only way to get what you want and stay there is to make sure nutrition and workouts work out in your life.


Want a plan tailored to your specific life? That addresses your specific issues and problems?

Then lets work togther on your own personal ONE-on-ONE Get Smaller, Tighter, Leaner, Healthier, and Happier PLAN

Work with me to create a personal fitness and food strategy that works to achieve your goals in your busy life. It’s a phase by phase, change by change process to a smaller, tighter, leaner body and you’ll learn the mental and physical strategies to keep it off... forever. Every goal needs a plan. That’s what I’ll help you create.
WRITE ME *CLICK HERE* and lets get your PLAN rolling!


When is it?

Start NOW. Watch for posts, and follow me on social media for extra tips and motivation.

How it works
It’s not complicated. In fact, it’s as simple as it gets. Incorporate these new changes into your day as you feel ready.  The bigger challenge will be to carry out new “change challenges” as you add new ones. Comment to the posts here on, or head to social media - Facebook, Twitter (@SmashFit, #ChangeChallenge), or GooglePlus and ask questions,, get support, get cheered and stay accountable!

A word…

There are a lot of programs out there where people lose weight and/or get fit, but generally it’s because they’ve been hand fed exactly what to eat, and an exactly how to workout. The minute they stop, they go back to what they were “doing before” and the gains are lost. Certainly this isn’t true for everyone, but sadly, most. This reason is because they didn’t learn to “think new thoughts”. You need new reasoning, new habits, new mantras, and new ways to talk to yourself.

I’m about easing into things. Start out of the gate too fast and you may burn yourself out. Forever weight loss and fitness is a change by change process that first starts in your MIND. The biggest challenge for you will be PATIENCE. But I promise you, keep up with the changes and you’ll be shocked at how you feel and look.

Join me, and lets all do this together! Let get the body you dreamed by getting the right information and motivation. Never start over again!

Click the links below to take you to a mini version of the challenge!
These are the best things you can do to get yourself Fitnesscized!

Day 1 Challenge - Replace all sugary drinks with water

Day 2 Challenge - Do this HIIT workout!

Day 3 Challenge - No mirrors or mean talk to yourself

Day 4 Challenge - No Bread

Day 5 Challenge - Eat Your Greens Every Day

Days 6 and 7 - THE WEEKEND - Eat Clean the Whole Weekend

Day 8 Challenge Make a Plan AND Eat a Protein And Carb at Every Meal

Day 9 Challenge - Do this HIIT Workout AND Eat Breakfast!

Day 10 Challenge - Keep healthy snacks and water with you at all times

Day 11 Challenge - Control Portions

Day 12 Challenge - Eat Smaller Meals More Frequently

Day 13 Challenge - No Cookies, Candy, or Sugar Sweets

Day 14 Challenge - No High Sodium Foods and Begin Adding a Treat Meal... responsibly

Real and lasting change comes from changing habits and changing habits comes from changing thoughts. As you move through the Change Challenge the most important thing you'll be doing is changing the way you think about what you're eating, how your moving, and what your day looks like. You won't just be changing your body, you'll be changing your mind.