DAY 2 - Change Challenge Workout

CHALLENGE - Do This workout circuit 3 times this week

The point is to set aside time for your body and to push yourself to finish, even if it's hard. This kind of workout may not be your workout of choice, but try it. From trying we find what works and doesn't work and where our strengths and weakness are. Setting aside the time this week is an exercise in creating time-holes for your reshapification!


Full body HIIT Workout -  Focus on Shoulders/Upper body

(HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training)

This workout incorporates resistance training with both lower body and upper body movement between sets for cardio effect. The arm moves focus on shoulders while the squats are great for everything lower body. By going from move to move you raise your heart rate giving you cardio!

With hand weights, dumbbells or bands
1. 10 lateral raises (arms straight out to your side, back straight, looking straight ahead)
      -10 air squats (quick squats with no weight)

2. 10 Front lateral raises (arms lifted straight in front, no higher than shoulder, back straight, looking straight ahead)
     - 10 air squats

3. 10 Shoulder presses (arms raised perpendicular to the floor, elbows bent, then press arms straight up over your head)
     -10 air squats

You can do this once and stop, or up to 3 times, depending on your fitness level and how you're feeling. Rest 1 -2 minutes between each circuit.

Want to keep going? 

Add these to the end of the first circuit OR do them on their own

1. 10 push ups
    - 10 sanding lunges (5 on each leg)

2. 10 ab crunches
   - 10 sanding lunges (5 on each leg)


*NOTE - Make sure you are physically healthy and Dr. approved. If you feel any pain, dizziness, shortness of breath, STOP immediately. There's a difference between pushing past discomfort (that burning muscle feeling) and pushing through pain. Never push through real pain.


Not quite there? Don't have weights? Modify!

If you don't have weights or bands, try holding 2 equal water bottles, or if you're not ready, no weights at all. If you have knee problems, go only as low as comfort allows or if you can't do any bending, do 10 jumps in place.

Want to make it harder?

• Do power squats instead of regular squats which is what I'm doing in the picture. Jump feet out, then feet in, for 10 reps

• Do circuit 1 and 2 together with a 1 minute rest before you do it again.


Estimated time to complete - 20 minutes


If you have any problems or questions with this workout, leave a comment or find me on social media and I'll help modify it for you!