DAY 8- Change Challenge - Eat Protein/carb & Make A Plan!

This is one of those double challenges! PLUS a heads up on tomorrow's challenge!


Make a Plan


Eat a Protein And Carb at Every Meal

The Challenge: Make a PLAN

This is one of the MOST important shifts you make during your whole challenge and it is critical to your success. Going into any situation without being prepared or knowing what you’ll do or how you’ll handle it, almost certainly means you’re going to fumble at some point and probably sooner rather than later. Not having a plan is like wishing and guessing yourself to your destination. It doesn’t work. Having a PLAN is like having map. You may get a little lost from time, but you’ll always be able to refer back and get right back on track. See the goal, then create a plan to get there. Do wish and guess yourself there.

So how do you make a plan?

- Do your clean grocery shopping for the week
Make the list, then stick to it. Walk right on by the junk food aisles and stay on the perimeter of the store as much as possible. That’s where all the fresh produce is.

- Decide what you’ll eat, for what meal, and on what days
Decide what you’ll be eating for your main meals, and for your snacks. If you like to see what you’re in the mood for each day, then at least know which foods are on the menu for you to choose from. Have meals already layed out for you to choose from including proteins, veggies, fruits, whole grains.  

- Prepare days worth of food in advance
 Make enough food at the beginning of the week to last you days worth of meals. For example, make a batch of chicken to use in salads, wraps, on it’s own. Make a batch of cooked/steamed veggies. Also have fruit in the bowls and raw veggies cut and ready to eat. Make sure the right foods are ready at a moments notice and you’ll be less likely to be tempted to grab for quick unhealthy foods.

- Set your workout days and times before the week begins
Mark your calendar. Know what you’ll do and on what days. See these times as appointments with yourself and schedule life around them, not over them.

You can’t leave your health and fitness to chance. A great body isn’t an accident, it’s planned. Great health, as with any goal, takes planning and commitment. The beauty is, once you create a plan that works for your lifestyle and tastebuds,  you won’t have to guess all the time, or battle with yourself, or stand in front of the fridge deciding what to eat, or feel guilty for making the wrong choice.  You’ll also be less likely to wriggle out of your workout. Imagine never having to worry about your weight or wonder how and what to eat... every again.

Tips and Tricks:

Make yourself a fitness calendar. Buy one for your wall, use one on your computer and/or smart phone, but make plans and appointments with yourself. Decide what day you'll do your clean grocery shopping; what you'll shop for (see Clean Eating List), when you’ll cook and prepare your food for the week, and what days you'll workout.  Taking the plan out of your head and commit it to paper. It’s easy to get distracted when our life jumps in the way, but seeing a calendar helps you make time for your life and not just react to it. You’ll also see your new habits forming! Schedule things AROUND your workouts, don’t squish your workouts, and your goals, around everything else.

Workout SmashTIP: If you can, work out in the AM. It’s not that it’s better for your body per say, but people are generally more successful at sticking to their workout routine when it’s done before their day gets messy.



The Challenge: Eat enough protein at every meal

Protein is the building block of muscle. It doesn’t matter if you walk, run, or lift weights, you need it and you need it throughout your entire day. Choose quality, lean protein. How much should you have? At this phase of the challenge, just focus on having a serving with every meal ( 5ish small meals throughout your day which will be covered more thoroughly later).

Tips and Tricks:

Your main meals should contain one of the following - chicken, tuna, fish, eggs, beans, lentils, legumes, tofu or soy products. You can eat lean beef, but it should be eaten less often. Snacks can contain nuts or nut butter but watch portions.Although nuts contain good fat, too much of it isn’t good. A note on eggs - The whole egg is great for you but yolks are high in fat. Even though it’s the good fat, you want to watch overall fat intake for the day. Go yolk- less, or throw in only one or two.

Here are some great proteins:


Meat Protein

- Chicken breast

- Eggs

- Flank steak

- Turkey breast

- Salmon

- Tilapia

- Water packed tuna

- Lean ground turkey breast - Rainbow trout

Non-meat protein

- Nuts (unsalted)

- Almonds, walnuts, pecans

- Quinoa

- Edamame

- Lentils

- Chickpeas

- Black beans

- Tofu


Heads up for tomorrow's challenge - EAT A HEALTHY BREAKFAST including the protein and carb from this challenge. Not hungry in the morning, do it anyway! It's one of the keys to your success. Stay tuned for details