How NOT to Get Fit

There are a 1000 ways to get fit, but inevitabley people make these mistakes and wonder why they're not making any progress. Here are a few ways NOT to.

1. Starving yourself.
Your body needs food to operate on every level. Your mind, muscles, organs and energy need food to move and you need to move to grow. Not feeding yourself won't make you fit, it'll make you too tired to move yourself.

2. Working out just so you can eat whatever you want.
You'll never get ahead by rewarding your good workout with a Big Mac and fries every time. Fitness is as much about what you put into your body as how you move it...more so! Too much junk, no matter how much you work out, won't let you have the lean body you're going for.
And you can't work out the unhealthy food in your system.

3. Letting yourself completely go on the weekends.
Weekend treat *meal* - YES. Entire weekend eat-whatever-you-want-as-much-as-you-want - NO.

4. Working out 7 days a week without a break.
Your body grows when it's *resting* not when it's working. If you never rest, your body never has the chance to change to into the body you're working so hard for. You should take at least one entire day off, but 2 is ideal. If you can't stand to take off more than 1 day, have a day of active rest, walking, playing with the kids, yoga, et.

5. Thinking 2 workouts a week is enough.
It's simply not enough. You don't necessarily need a gym but you need focused workout time, at home, in a class, or at a gym. You need to set aside some time and focus to your health and bod.

6. Not getting honest about your nutrition.
You can excuse yourself, or fudge what and how much you're eating, but your body knows.



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