It Could Be The ELSE That's Hurting You

You're eating healthy, hitting your workouts but you're just not seeing the results you'd hoped.
You may be eating healthy, but what ELSE are you eating? It's not the healthy food that's the problem, it's the extra "else" that's in the way.
Get very honest with yourself. A food journal is a great way to get to the bottom of your "else".

Places your "ELSE" Might Be Hiding


1. Eating and watching TV.

Your brain doesn't register how much you've eaten and can even trick your appetite since you're not fully aware of eating.


2. Eating off your kids plate.

A nugget here, a cookie there, finishing their leftovers. Day in and day out, this can add up to lots of extra unneeded calories.


3. Not paying attention to a serving size.

A bowl of cereal is not overflowing, it's about 1/2 to 1 cup of cereal and milk.


4. Eating food that's not yours.

You're out to eat and have them prepare your chicken without extra sodium and order veggies as your side but then you finish the fries off your kid's plate.


5. Eating straight out of a bag.

First, your clean eating nutrition shouldn't have many bagged foods, but if you're treating yourself, don't keep reaching with no end. (see #3). Pour the serving size into a bowl and stick to it. Put the goodies up and away so should you really want more, you'll have to work for it.


Honestly is your best policy. Keep the healthy and get rid of most of the "else."