Sick of your excuses?

Tired of never leaving this "spot"?
Tough-love yourself. Set a goal. Write it down. Post-it note around your house. Wherever you go in your house, make sure you see it... so that it seeps into your brain, and so you constantly think it, and believe it. Because until you commit it to your daily thinking, it will fade. And then you have to start over again, and you've had enough of that.

Now set 3 smaller goals to help you get to that goal and stick to it (and here's the secret sauce), NO MATTER WHAT.
Stick to it through stress, family drama, work deadlines, travel, and whatever else pops up because it will, that's just what life does. Because on top of everything you have going on, you don't want to push your body goals further behind.
Look at your fitness goals as a way to cope with stress, not add to it.

GOAL - Lose 20 lbs by June 1st (give yourself about 3 months)
- 3 Smaller Goals
1. No fast food & soda
2. Healthy protein/good carb 3-4 smaller meal
3. Workout (or walk, class or run) at least 4 times a week. (of course you can modify these for you).

Do NOT let yourself off the hook. Remember, hang on  NO MATTER WHAT. Stay consistent and your body will have no choice but to *change*.


photo by Manon Sinnige