What do fit people have that you don't have?


They aren't stronger or more special than you, they lead busy, stressful lives just like you. They work, juggle kids, get tired, and feel unmotivated, just like you.

The only element they have that you don't (yet!) is the ability to move through their lives and *not let the busy stressful parts stop the healthy, good-for-you parts. In fact, it's these parts - working out and eating well - that help them get through the hard parts. On top of everything else they have going on, they know that getting sick, gaining weight, and losing focus and energy would make things *worse* so they use their healthful habits as a way to cope with life, not crumble underneath it.

How do YOU start getting the right mindset?
Start by NOT using food to comfort you. Junk food is a temporary fix that only makes things worse. Do anything else.. go for a walk, turn on music, watch a funny movie, call a friend, anything, but stay away from the junk. It doesn't just change your body, it changes your mood and energy. This is the best beginning you could make, to take your brain away from unhealthy fixes and start with new ones. THINK like a fit person because when you think it you can become it.