Why Is It Easy For Them And Not For Me?



Of course you can.
You can lose the weight. You can run the race. You can transform your body. It's not just for other people.

So why does it seem so simple for them?
It's not. It's not easy for anyone. It may seem the weight just dropped right off them but you haven't see their whole picture -
- Did she stick like glue to her workouts and healthy eating? OR
- Did he do some restrictive diet that will only last until he begins eating normal food?

One is the right way, one is the wrong way even though it seems the results look the same.

The point - You have to get it in your head that you can do it.
Stop comparing yourself and putting yourself down for not having the same result they did. There are so many ingredients - physically and emotionally - that go into your transformation that only YOU can create the recipe. Keep your eyes forward and run your own race.


photo: https://www.flickr.com/photos/presidioofmonterey/5570210768/