12 Most Inspiring Ways to Think Yourself FIT

It's interesting that people see their bodies and health as some completely separate entity, as though it's completely on it's own, not doing what you want it to do because it's "tired" or "busy". But bottom line, your body and health is ALL up in your head. Every bit of it. You don't go to the gym unless you choose to. You don't put down the cupcake and pick up the apple unless you decide to. You don't forgo the pasta for the salmon unless you think to. It's time to get your brain to do the work and make your body do what it's told. Here are 12 absolute and solid ways to THINK your body into health, fitness, and fabulousness.

1. Think of your food as fuel.
Ask yourself what the sugar at lunchtime will do to your concentration later. Ask yourself if you'll feel like hitting your workout with a greasy burger in your gut. You've heard the car analogies before, but it's a perfect analogy. If you fill your tank with cheap gas, wrong gas, not enough gas, your car (YOU) will stop functioning to your full ability and eventually, you'll stop being able to move at all. The right foods are truly your clay, the raw materiel, to build your body and health. When you throw rocks, pebbles and garbage into the clay, it's not smooth, and almost impossible sculpt. But keep your clay pure, and everything from your muscles, to your skin will glow. What you put "in"-side will form what's on the "out"-side.

2. Think about the muscles you're using.
Every time you lift with focus, squat with knowledge, and press with attention, you push blood (oxygen) into those parts forcing them to grow stronger. Focusing on the muscles you want to shape ensures that you're not "cheating" by using other muscles to help the weight up. If you want the full benefit of the move you have to let that muscle do it all by itself.

3. Think about hitting every rep, set and mile.
You have to think there is no option but to finish it, and with everything you've got.

4. Think, there is no one or no thing worth giving in for because ultimately, you are the most important person in your life. If you don't say yes to yourself…or no…no one else will. In the 2nd place slot, consider those you love. They're counting you to stay healthy. (Though if someone forces you to eat a Twinkie at gunpoint, then that's the exception.)

5. Think your workouts are as important as a meeting or appointment.
There's no scheduling over your doctors appointment, or the meeting with your boss. Everything gets scheduled around that and THAT is how you should see your workouts. You're busy, so you have to be steadfast and prioritized on "your health first".

6. Think about your goal.
Envision the win, the bikini, the event, the goal and don't take your eyes off  your thoughts for a minute!

7. Don't think getting fit is selfish if you take time away from your family and kids to workout. They need a strong and happy Mom and Dad, not tired-sad-resentful Mom and Dad. Taking care of yourself takes care of them.

8. Think about your health.
You may feel fine now, even look fine, but you know you're not taking care of your body. It WILL catch up with you if you don't start. Don't put it off until you feel bad, by then you're trying to swim up stream. Do it NOW, when you can enhance and advance your health!

9. Think about how amazing you'll look.
Sounds superficial, but it's reality and there's nothing wrong with wanting to look and feel your best. There's power and confidence in seeing your strong new muscles, and being able to fit into your favorite jeans or mini. Your outside is the wrapper for your insides so make it reflect the magnificence that you are.

10. Think about how you'll feel AFTER you eat that wrong food, or after you skip a workout. Don't live by your impulses because they nip at your goals and feed into your excuse-meter. When you don't think ahead, you're constantly living in reaction rather than action. Roll your tape forward before letting yourself off the hook.

11. Think, don't let yourself off the hook.
You simply have to get tough with yourself. Nothing you've accomplished thus far came from sitting on your comfy couch and doing whatever you wanted. Your successes didn't come to you, you chased them, and you did it with push and tenacity. Same thing here. Get up and keep moving.

12. Think that you never ever want to start this process over again so you will never give up or give in again.
When you want to throw the towel in, think how long it took to pick the towel up. You don't want to have to get it over and over again.

Your fitness is all in your marvelous head so let yourself THINK yourself into your fitness.

- Heather Frey


photo by Alexandre Vanier