3 Comebacks To Your Little Sabotage Voice

You battle with that little voice that keeps telling you to do what you know you shouldn't do. Your heart wants your fitness, your health, your super sexy body, but that little sabotaging voice wants those cakes, cookies, pizza.. and it wants them NOW, like a toddler in a toy store. And when the day has been long, and the stress has nearly strangled you, you just don't feel like arguing with it except that little voice doesn't care about your big picture. It doesn't care about the jeans you want to strut in, the big event you want to make an entrance into, or the health you need to improve, it just wants what it wants. Sometimes it wins, sometimes you win, but it's always a battle.Well it's time to stand up to that voice. It's time to get STRONG, get DETERMINED and let that little voice know who's boss. Here are a few things you should tell your little voice to keep it quiet.


3 Battles Your Little Voice Wants To Win

LITTLE VOICE: "But the Holidays are only once a year. I can splurge."

VOICE OF REASON: The holidays are just days, like all the others, and they count as much as all the others. If you let yourself go now, you can undo all the hard work you've done so far OR set your starting block back even further. Decide -  "I'm not going to undo what I've done or set myself back over food. There isn't any food that will taste better than how amazing I'll feel when I hit my goal."


LITTLE VOICE: "There's so much pressure from my family and friends to eat".

VOICE OF REASON: More often than not, those who pressure you to eat feel bad about themselves since they wish they too had the willpower to say no. Kindly say "No thanks, I'm determined to give myself the gift of a new healthy body this holiday."


LITTLE VOICE: "I can eat all this junk, I'll just do extra cardio".

VOICE OF REASON: Really? Will you? And even if you do, you'll only end up even-Steven with no real progress and no progress can lead to giving-up. Not to mention eating too much sugar and fat will suck the holiday spirit right out of you. Tell yourself, "All this working out is not going to keep me spinning in the mud. I will walk away; I will move forward; and I will have my kick-butt body."


Don't let that little voice ruin what you started and stand in the way of your greatness. It'll try to push you around; it'll try to trick you into believing it's "ok" to have that Mocha Frappuccino (500 calories and a whopping 79 grams of sugar) but it's not. If find yourself debating with that little voice too often, then it's too loud and you need to tell it to be QUIET. Only you can quiet it. Only you can let it know that this is the last time you're ever going to start down this path again because this time, you're sending that little voice to the corner.



photo by Ryan McGuire --  www.gratisography.com/