3 Ways To Make Time For Fitness When You Have No Time

You're a single parent, or you travel most of the year, or you work and have kids… You barely have time to sit, let alone workout. So how do you make time for fitness when you have no time?

You may not be able to do everything all at once, but it's the mindset that will ultimately bring you success, not hours in the gym. Changing small things in your life will vastly improve your energy, your body, and ultimately, your health. If you have the desire, there is a way.

3 Make-Time Tips

1. Eat healthy. If nothing else, this will have huge impact and takes no time at all. It just means shopping for different food.  Preparation you say? It probably takes as much time to drive to the drive through, wait in line, get your food and drive home as it would to go straight home and throw some chicken breasts in a pan or on the grill. Add some garlic and onion, and you have a tasty-fast-healhtified meal. Eggs are also a super fast go-to meal. So many ways to prepare and takes no longer than about 10 minutes - scrambed, boiled, omelettes.. you get the picture. Also, keep fruit in the bowl, veggies chopped (you can even buy them chopped), and water bottles filled. Your nutrition will be your #1 tool to the health, body and fitness you're after.

2. Wake up 15 minutes early and take a walk, run or bike. Simply moving will get your blood pumping. Plus it sets the tone for a healthy day. Mornings aren't your thing? Then pick any time - right after dropping off the kids at school, when you get home from work, but before you've plopped down for the night. As tired as you are, those 15 minutes will put you one step closer.

3. Think Intensified workouts, not long workouts. Try: 10 minutes of jump rope (1 minute jump, 1 minute rest). OR try a mini-full body circuit: 10 push -ups, 20 jumping jacks, 10 sit ups, and 10 no-weight squats. Rest 2 minutes and do it again, 3-4 sets total. This should take approx. 15 minutes (modify for your fitness level).

You don't have to go to the gym or train for a marathon to be fit. It simply takes the "WANT" to do it, and then DOING IT. Not only will you feel better and look better, it helps ease the pressure of *life*.



photo by Sean MacEntee  - https://www.flickr.com/photos/smemon/