30 Day Change Challenge!




Your fitness is 100% mental. Your body won't go where your mind doesn't push it." 

- Heather Frey

You have to change to change.
Getting in shape is more a mental thing than a body thing.
Don’t believe me?

- How many times have you stood in front of some tasty temptation trying to DECIDE if you should eat it? You know, that battle between your sweet tooth fairy and your fitness fairy, duking it out on whether it’s ok or not to eat that.

- And how many times have you started your day with every intention of hitting the gym, taking the class, or going for a run, only to DECIDE you’re too tired at the end of the day.

That’s right, you DECIDED. That’s your brain making immediate gratification choices for you (I WANT that sugar!… I’m too tired) instead of what your soul wants, to finally be free of these little demons battling over your health, fitness and happiness. That’s why drastic and restrictive “diets” don’t work, because they’re impossible to maintain. Your little voice is saying, “Forget it. This is too hard.”

So yes, your fitness is mental before anything else, and once you DECIDE to do what needs to be done, your goals will begin to fall into place. To hit any fitness goal, whether's it's to lose weight, get lean, or train for a race or competition, you need to get your mind to think the right thoughts. You need to set the GOAL, then focus on what you need to DO. That is, focus on the actions you need to take, not on the scale, not on how much work it will be or how long it will take. If you’re at the place where you’re just done, then doing whatever it takes (the right way) will be so much easier than the daily battle….and worth every second of effort.

Every success in life is a building process of making one solid choice after another, each building on the one before. Make small, manageable, maintainable changes, and your results appear.

What exactly is The Change Challenge?

The Change Challenge is different from other fitness challenges in that it takes the focus away from the scale and puts the emphasis on what it is you need to DO to reach your goals. It is a change by change process of making small changes over time until they become your new habit. That is where all success comes from - changing a habit from one that holds you back to one that moves you forward. That’s "habit shifting". It’s all the small steps that equal your BIG step. You eliminate some foods, add others and shift behavior while beginning to make time to move and schedule exercise.The idea isn’t just about weight loss or fitness, per say, it’s to teach you new thinking and decision making so you can carry forward and design a healthful life that is do-able, live-able, and stick-to-it-able! THAT is how you lose weight, get fit, and stay that way…forever.  

When you think the right thoughts and do the right things and your body will have no choice BUT to change.

The toughest part about losing weight is learning to keep it off. Often people arrive at their target weight and think “Yay! I’ve done it!”, and then they go back to what they were doing before… and weight comes back. Forever change requires change. Every change you achieve gives you new confidence and builds momentum to tackle your next change, and the next and the next until you're not just changed, you're *transformed.*

So how do I begin?

Step 1. Create a Goal.
Write it out on a piece of paper and get very specific, not just “lose weight”. You need to claim your goal in order to strategize how to get it. State exactly what you want, by when, and WHY. The WHY is the heart-part, your inner reason for why it’s time to finally make these changes. Your WHY is what will help you stay motivated when you don’t feel motivated. Read more - How To Create A Goal

Step 2. Choose two Changes for weeks 1 and 2  
Choose from the list below or come up with your own. You will do only these changes. Don’t worry about anything else, just commit to these 2 changes.
*You can choose up to 3 but don’t overload yourself, 2 is fine. Remember, the idea is to commit to these to habits; if you make this too hard, they may not stick.

Step 3. Choose two more Changes for week 3 and 4
You will add these 2 new changes to the ones you are already doing for a total for 4 body and life changing *changes*.
You can choose them now or after you’ve finished week 2, to see where you are. Again, you can add an extra one, but no need to make this harder. Take on what you know you can handle.

Step 4. And BEGIN!
Monday’s are an easy place to start, but you don’t have to wait! You can start right this minute with just one change and add the next one on the very next Monday.
*Be sure to keep track of your progress. I encourage photos and measurements. Scales can be bit tricky because they can throw you off your mental game - do not weigh yourself every day, once a week is plenty. But no matter what it says, keep going! Great change takes determination and patience.

—> You have only ONE RULE:

You have to stick to your changes NO MATTER WHAT.

Once you pick your changes, you have to commit to stick with them *No matter what*. Letting yourself off the hook feels good in the moment, but it doesn’t help you. What you are learning is how to exercise your NO Muscle - no, I won’t give into a bad habit.

This is usually the issue, something always pops up to interrupt your best intentions. Plans are changed, stress is added, a celebration, dinner with friends, etc. There will ALWAYS be something that pops up so the challenge is to stay on track even during difficult times.. *no matter what*. I often tell friends and clients, if you’re going through something stressful, do you really want to gain weight on top of that? Or undo the hard work you’ve already put in? Continue to eat well and use your workouts and healthy eating as a way to cope and alleviate stress. It's powerful medicine. Stay strong!


Below are changes you can choose from but feel free to create ones of your own! You know what you need to do.

• No soda
• No obvious sugar - candy, cookies, cake, etc
• No fast food or take out
• No juice (if you drink it daily, maybe once or twice a week)
• No white bread
• Reduce pasta or make healthier pasta choice

• Add more water - drink at least 3 24oz bottles
• Make sure you’re eating enough PROTEIN - protein at every meal
• Add dark leafy greens - add to two of your meals
• Add vegetables in general - eat as often as you like, even for snacks
• Add fruit

• Walk away from temptation. Say no to the foods you know you should say no to.
• Don’t eat or snack in front of TV. People have a tendency to lose track of just how much they’re eating.
• Control portions - know how much a serving size is and stick to that
• Don’t starve yourself - you’re not saving calories, you’re only putting them off until later because you’ll be so hungry you may overeat.
• Hit a workout (class, run, bootcamp, bike ride, anything) minimum of 3 days a week, ideally 4. Not ready or a workout? Go for a 15 minute (or longer) walk 3-4 days a week.
• Limit alcohol (or eliminate)
• Limit or eliminate dessert
• Don’t buy junk food. If it’s not in your home, you can’t eat it.

Other ideas:
- If you normally buy lunch at work, bring your own (healthy of course).
- If you travel, pack some healthful meals and/or snacks
- Only healthy food after 8pm. The no-eating after 8pm applies to junk food but you’ll do no harm with a piece of fruit, cut veggies or lean protein.

Now is the time to take your goal, your changes and your mental power and turn it into ACTION.
It’s the actions that will create your TRANSFORMATION.

You’ve been through so much in your life already, of course you can do this. You are so strong! Hitting your goal is the natural consequence of doing the right things.




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Me and You  -

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The Change Challenge is a change by change process to a smaller, tighter, leaner body and you’ll learn the mental and physical strategies to keep it off forever. Small changes, BIG impact at a pace that's do-able. Every goal needs a plan. Your tight fit body awaits you behind some bad habits and the confusion but it’s not nearly as hard as you think it is. It’s just a shift of some habits and joggling of some time and you’ll find that your new thoughts and routines will actually SAVE you time and so so much frustration. Lets work togther on your own personal ONE-on-ONE Get Smaller, Tighter, Leaner, Healthier, and Happier PLAN.


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