4 Holiday Fitness Recovery Actions to Take RIGHT NOW

It's over.
The stress is gone, the frenzy is over and all your loving work and effort helped create a beautiful holiday but..
it's time to move on and refocus on your own body and health.
No more food excuses (I don't have time, too much too do, etc), there's nothing left to get in the way of your body goals. It's all YOU now so start NOW. Don't worry about the extra lbs, just keep your eyes forward and go. Don't know where to start?


Here are 4 things to start doing *right now* to give your new years resolutions a jump start and get your mind and motivation ON.


Start detoxing, cleaning up, and filling up. Shoot for *at least* three 24oz sports bottles, 4 if you can.


2. Toss out the leftover goodies.

Don't leave temptation hanging around. You had fun but not it's time to start your bodyfication.


3. Move. Walk, bike, play, gym, anything... but get your move ON.

Physically good for you and endorphins are the buds of motivation.


4. Focus on nutrients.

Your body needs protein, greens, fruits, veggies and good carbs. Include all of those, and ween out everything else.


It's your year! You have everything you need to accomplish your body goals so start NOW.






photo by Ryan McGuire