5 Simple Ways To Start Building Your "No" Muscle!

No one likes to be told No, even when it comes from yourself. That defiant child in you says, "I can if I want!" Yet that defiance is getting in the way of your health, your body, and your peace of mind. You're constantly worried about your weight, constantly beating yourself up for not being "good enough" and you never give yourself a break for feeling "weak". If you don't like being stuck "here", leave! You've been through so much in your life, you are strong enough to do this!  It's a matter of putting your overall happiness ahead of that momentary "I want that" craving. Saying NO thanks will be one of your most powerful body-shaping tools.

Here are a few more tips on building your NO Muscle:

1. Walk away
Yep, that's it. Physically remove yourself from the food "situation".

2. Don't make impulsive food choices.
Stop and THINK. The minute you want something you know you shouldn't, roll your tape forward and think about where that food will take you? Generally it takes anywhere from 1 minute to 20 minutes to consume something you shouldn't. Are those few minutes really worth the grief you'll feel long after you've eaten it and the extra lbs down the road? Is it worth messing with that person you want to become?

3. Remember, it takes less energy to walk away from the food than all the worry that goes with eating it.

4. Put a small mirror in your kitchen.
Often when we "catch ourselves in the act" of doing the wrong thing, we end up doing the right thing.

5. Visualize.
Every day, see your goal, think your goal, envision your goal. Let this be the loudest voice in your head