5 Things to Do TODAY to Start Your Forever Fitness

Prep for Monday!
The kids should be back at school and routine resumes. This is the PERFECT time to refresh and hit re-start to your fitness goals.
No more waiting for things to be perfect.
No more excuses.
No more letting life get in the way. You're just going to have to stick to health regardless of what's going on. This will be one of your BEST lines of defense against illness, depression and anxiety.


So here's what you need to do TODAY :

Sunday Prep -
1. Cook up a batch of grilled chicken, or prepare a protein source of your choice, enough for 3-4 days.. a week if you can.
2. Fill fruit bowls
3. Cut veggies and have them ready to grab from the fridge
4. Set aside at least 3 workout days (could be gym, a class, a walk, bike ride, racquetball... anything!) so you can schedule everything else around them.
5. Write a big happy reminder note on your fridge to STICK TO IT. THIS IS THE LAST TIME YOU WILL EVER START AGAIN. Because this time you're going to get it right!

This is it.
Now is your time.
It’s time to finally be free of weight, and more importantly, the mean way you talk to yourself.
You are amazing.

Now treat yourself that way!


photo by - Scott Webb