6 Ways To Break UP with Junk Food

It's time to BREAK UP! Perhaps one of the toughest relationships to re-establish is with junky-comfort food. You see it-you crave it-you want it. But it's time to *break up*!  It's all nice to you at the beginning, but then it turns on you without any regard for how bad it's going to make you feel. It keeps you stuck and unhappy. It promise to make you feel good, but it only ends up hurting you and making you feel bad. It hurts your body and your feelings. So it's time... kick it to the curb! Every time you want to get back together, go running to lean proteins, veggies, fruits, and whole grains. THEY love you...THEY will give you health. THEY will give you the body you've always wanted. THEY want what's best for you. It's time to establish a new *healthy* relationship with food.

How will you keep yourself from running back to it? Here are a few tips.

1. Post it's
Post on the fridge, in the fridge, on your bathroom mirror, on your nightstand, at your computer, in your purse, wherever you think will help you stay focused and motivated. On each note, write a reason why you want to get smaller, fitter, and happier.

2. Write your big hairy goal down... every day.
It only has to be a few words, or it could be a sentence, or a paragraph, or 5 pages, whatever you're feeling that day. But to keep your goal alive you have to keep swishing it around in your brain.

3. Write your PLAN.
No one hits a goal on accident. Make a daily plan. Decide what what each meal it, shop for the ingredients, prepare food in advance, make workout days in advance, then hit the week running! Soo much easier when you've done half the work before the week even starts.

4. Go on a mission
Create a new relationship with healthy foods by scanning the internet for healthy "clean" recipes and alternatives to your favorite foods. And I emphasis the word clean. Some recipes claim to be healthy but often have  too much cheesy, salty ingredients. Those who write clean food recipes generally have to keep ingredients at their wholesome best.

5. Do NOT let yourself get hungry.
This is huge. It's hard to keep your food-sense about you when you're starved. Keeping food with you always keeps your willpower and your NO Muscle strong! Keep with you water (always!), and either pack a small lunch of grilled chicken salad for example, or throw in an apple and a serving side of nuts. Hungry is the worst place to be on the way to your goals.

6. Create a distraction
When you find yourself longing for and missing that mean comfort food, distract yourself. Decide what it is before you find yourself at it's clenches. Listen to music, turn on the TV, hit the computer, call a friend, or best yet, hit a workout or just get moving.

Get determined to leave the junk food and enter a relationship with the foods that will help you love your body.

-Heather Frey



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