8 Secrets Of the Fit Mind

Want to be fit? Then you have to THINK LIKE A FIT PERSON.
There is nothing magical or special about them, they simply have different thought pattern. Most of them didn't always have these fit-thoughts, but learned and internalize them over time. Step by step, they walked into their bodies taking one good choice at a time. So can you.


1. They don't figure out when they'll fit in their workout, they figure out how they'll fit other things AROUND their workout.

2. They think in terms of nutrients and how what they choose to eat will effect their energy and goals.

3. They don't complain about working out, they're grateful they can.

4. They can be hard on themselves like everyone, but their flaws fuel their fire not put it out.

5. Rolling backwards is not an option.

6. It's not just about what they look like, there has to be health behind doing everything.

7. They see their fitness as a way to create time, not take away from it, by giving them more energy, more enthusiasm, and more focus.

8. They compete with themselves more than anyone else.



Photo by Alexander Redl