Motivation. You start out STRONG! … for a day, maybe 2 and then it's gone. Why can't you make it stick?! You want it badly and yet your best intentions dwindle.

First, “intentions” are nice but they aren’t good enough. Desire isn’t enough when you’re trying to change habits, you have to change how you THINK because that will change what you DO.

The key to your transformation is DOING things differently than what you’re doing right now. Your right-now actions aren’t working so you’re going to have to push through the hard parts, the stuff you don’t want to do, to get to the other side. Yes, you have to.

That means, saying no to foods you want (but you know are wrecking your goal), making yourself hit a workout (even just a brisk walk is better than no movement at all), and making yourself eat healthy food (and it does taste good if you put in a little time to discover healthful recipes and ideas). Anything worth having takes effort. No getting around it. But let me remind you… it will be WORTH every second of effort.


1. EDUCATE yourself. Find out exactly what's in the foods you "crave". Chances are, when you actually find out that a food has 50 grams of fat, or 2000 mg of sodium, it may not be so appealing. And now you'll KNOW it's a goal-buster.

2. REMOVE temptation. Accept your weakness and work through your solution by not even having the stuff around. If it's not near, it can't make it in your mouth.

3. REALIZE that without willpower, you will never have your goal. Period. This is true in all aspects of life, from getting through school, training for a career, to your health and fitness. You may be motivated to be a successful business person, or get super fit, but until you have the willpower to *make it happen* it won't.

4. STOP putting up with your excuses. If your little voice has to convince you it's "OK to eat that", then it's probably not. When you reach for fruit, veggies or protein, there's no little voice. Decide on your treats for the week, when, and how much so you don't have to listen to your excuse voice.

5. STATE your goal every morning and write it down…on paper…with a pencil. There's something about committing it to paper that makes it more solid.

6. MAKE your goal happen, no matter what! Get your internal Grrrrr going, that fire, and don't back down for anyone or any food.

7. REWARD yourself for achieving your goal but NOT with food. Get a new itunes song, watch a favorite show, 30 minutes of alone time, whatever makes you happy, do it and know you deserve it.

8. REPEAT steps 1-7 every day until you don't need to anymore.