Are You A Fitness Dropout?

You had it all - the eating was under control, you hit all your workouts, but something happened; life was altered and you were unable to reclaim your routine.

But what's stopping you now?

Maybe whats holding you back from dropping back in is knowing the work you'll need to do to get back. But ask yourself -
How did I feel when I was eating well?
How much better happier was my reflection?
How much confidence did I have at my body best?
How good did I feel when I finished a workout?
How much better did life feel when I stuck with my plan?

Get back to it!

It's normal to fall off the wagon now and again but the minute you throw in the towel, all your hard work ends. There's a difference between dropping the towel or throwing it away. The next time you fall, hold tight to it! Use that towel dry off and keep going! Remember what it felt like to have control, to stick to your workout routines, to hit your weight and fitness goals... it's literally mind-changing. The hardest part is always the beginning as you reshift your habits, but you've been there,  once you get rolling again, *everything* feels better... and easier.



photo by David Cohen