Are you fooling yourself with cardio?

You're moving a LOT, sometimes an hour or more and you're doing it OFTEN. You're tired and sore, but you just aren't losing the layers the way you'd hoped nor do you feel that great.
The truth is, you are actually training like an endurance athlete. As you train your lungs and muscles to become more efficient, you're able to sustain activity longer. Your body also becomes more efficient at storing body fat rather than burning it. While you're still burning calories, your body eventually adapts, gets comfy, and plateaus. Too much cardio can actually KEEP you from losing layers and may even eat into your muscle mass.


The only solid way to build a solid lean body and boost metabolism is to add resistance have to use your muscles. You can lift weights, or just your own body weight but you have to lift something. Only moving your legs is not enough. Bootcamps, TRX, and full body circuits are a few great ways to get pumped without stepping into the weight room, but nothing wrong with grabbing a pair of dumbbells and getting those muscles to pop.
So if you love your cardio, fine, but pull back the amount, add some *intensity*, add a few days of weight training, and stomp over your plateau.