Are You Shrinking?

You’re letting chores and tasks take over and replace your drive and passion to create your dream. Every time you say yes to things you don’t really want to do; agree to help when you’re already overwhelmed; or let other people influence how you live and feel.. you shrink.

You shrink your creativity; you shrink your enthusiasm; you shrink your expectations; and worst of all, you shrink your confidence. Because the longer you stay away from creating your life, the harder it becomes to remember where you left off. The harder it becomes to regain your momentum.

The beauty though is that’s it’s never too late. You can pick up where you left off or begin. That fire still burns in you, you just have to take off all that excess and clutter and get back to rebuilding your own life. Yes, you have responsibilities and you can’t just wipe your work space clean but ONLY leave in your space what *has* to get done and those who love and lift you.
The rest can wait.
It has to.
Your life is at stake.

Don’t shrink.
Because rebuilding your heart may be exactly what other people need to rebuild theirs.

-Heather Frey




photo by Ryan McGuire