Cardio or Weights first?

Which comes first, the cardio or the lifting? It's one of THE most frequent fitness questions out there. I've been asked that question several times this week alone. The answer: it depends.

If building muscle is your primary goal, then do your cardio after you lift. The theory is that you want to save all your energy for the lifting. You don't want to tire yourself out with intense cardio before you try to push your muscles.

If overall fitness is your goal, then do what works best for you, either before or after your resistance workout. If doing cardio first gets your blood pumping and your motivation surging, then by all means, put it first.

But where ever the cardio works best for your goal, be sure to Nutrify your workouts; that is, eat a protein/carb within one hour before your workout and within one hour after. All the cardio and lifting in the world won't have the impact you're working so hard for if you don't FEED your goal.