DAY 1 - Change Challenge!

DAY 1 - CHALLENGE - Replace all sugar drinks with water

Welcome to the first day of your YOUR Change Challenge!

As I've said, this challenge is about learning to change how you THINK so you can change what you DO which is ultimately where all weight loss and fitness comes from. The changes may seem small but done consistently, they produce transformation. Every serious athlete and physique competitor does certain things and thinks a certain way to attain their goals. These challenges are a few of the best and most solid fitness basics. Turn these into habit, and the sky is the limit. So with that, here is your FIRST challenge -

Liquid calories are one of the most hidden and yet damaging foods there is. Yes, it is food. Just because it's not solid, doesn't mean it isn't filled with just as much sugar, fat and calories. And yet, because it's liquid, people tend to discount it as a "drink" when it may have as many calories (or more) as a meal. So in this challenge, you'll replace those sugar liquids with H2O, and yes, this includes your sugary Starbucks… *gasp*.

Did you know that one Caramel Frappuccino has 67 grams of sugar! That’s has more sugar than a 2 scoop hot fudge sundae which has 52 grams or sugar or 2 snicker bars at 27 grams per bar or 54 grams of sugar.

Other drinks to eliminate:
- Soda - medium sized soda - 44 grams of suar
- bottled fruit drinks and teas - Example - Arizona Ice Tea - 22 grams of sugar
- juice - the sugar often outweighs any nutritional value. A single glass of apple juice can have 39 grams of sugar and 170 calories and none of the fiber that make apples great. You’re better off eating the real fruit with a bottle of water.
- some energy drinks - Check the labels. You may be surprised at the sugar content. This adds up to lots of wasted calories.

*NOTE - the gram amounts given are *per serving*. In bottled or canned drinks there are often more than one serving. Be sure to check!


Order a regular coffee, a little real cream is fine, perhaps some cocoa for flavor. Also, add real fruit juice, just a bit, for taste, or one of my tricks, chew a piece of mint or spearmint gum to add flavor as you drink your water.


Already a water drinker?

Then the challenge is to make sure you’re drinking enough. There is no hard and fast rule to how much you should drink. The 8 oz., 8 times a day is a guideline but not always necessary, plus, who’s going to stop 8 times during the day for a glass of water?

Try this - shoot for at least 3 24oz water bottle, more if it’s hot out and more if you’re working out. Break it down mentally - 1 bottle in the morning hours, 1 bottle in the afternoon, and 1 bottle in the evening. If you can or want to do more, go for it! It’s extremely difficult to overdo water.



Want to take on more? Add, NO FAST FOOD.

This is self explanitory.  If soda and fast food are part of your day or week, eliminating them will have impact you will see and feel quickly!



Part 2 of the challenge

To go with this challenge, you will have the mental challenge of saying NO to what what you KNOW you shouldn't’t be eating or drinking. That's it. There are some foods you don't need to wonder about, you just know (candy, donuts, cheesy and fatty foods). This goes to exercising your NO Muscle! Get this strong, and you gain control of your eating.


The idea of the challenge is to make these small changes that WILL have big impact. INSTEAD  - change your habit!


Good luck and be sure to comment, ask questions, and/or find me on social media for more tips and support!

You can do this!