Day 10 - Summer Change Challenge - Snacks!

CHALLENGE - Keep water and healthy snacks with you at all times.

• Never let yourself get hungry and be prepared with healthy food at all times.

Your worst enemy is hunger. It takes away all good food-sense and can wreak havoc on your willpower. Keep healthy snacks with you always so if your day runs long, or you don’t make it home in time for a meal, you won’t be tempted to snack on wrong foods or worse, “drive through”. And stay hydrated. Dehydration can feel like hunger so before you eat, guzzle some H2O and you'll get a more accurate reading on your actual hunger. Water also helps stave off cravings.

Tips and Tricks:

Put nuts and fruit in your purse, car, office fridge, or desk drawer. Don’t rely on protein bars or energy bars as they can be filled with lots of extra sugar and fat. Most are glorified candy bars. Your best bet is to buy a small cooler and pack yogurt, chicken, healthy wraps, or any perishable items.

EVEN BETTER: Bring lunch with you if you're going to be out. Restaurant food is one of the biggest goal busters there is. They generally are 2-3 times a normal portion, and add so much extra sodium and fat for flavor. Even the "light" menu often isn't so light. Ask how food is prepared. Is it marinated? Marinades have loads of sodium. Get to know what you're eating and some of that slow progress you didn't understand may all of a sudden become clear.

*Your biggest take-away from this challenge is to be prepared. The more you know WHAT you're going to eat and having it ready the less likely you are to reach for the wrong, holding-you-back foods.