DAY 11 - Summer Change Challenge Control Portions

Be vigilent when it comes to portions. Know what a serving size is and be aware of how much you’re eating.

CHALLENGE - Control Portions

We’ve gotten so used to piling our plates with food that our view or what a true serving looks like has been skewed.When you go out to eat, restaurants give you much more than a serving size, often 2-3 times more than the correct serving, sometimes even more.And grocery store food isn’t much better. What you think should be a single-size serving , sometimes even packaged that way, is actually several servings fooling you into thinking you’re eating less sugar, fat and calories than you really are. Soups, cereals, and junky food is notorious for doing this. Just cutting back on portions will be have great impact.

Tips and Tricks:

If you’re not sure how much to eat, read the label and adhere to the serving size. Measure out certain foods, at least until you have a sense of what a serving looks like. If you’re out and not sure how much is too much, err on the side of caution and take less than you think.Try to stay away from restaurant food for now. Even their “healthy” selections aren’t generally that healthy and even small portions of wrong foods can set you back, physically and emotionally. Giving in can trigger more giving in,At home, use smaller plates which not only allows for smaller servings it tricks the eyes-tummy connection making your plate look *full*.Wait 15 minutes after eating to see if you’re still hungry for more. Chances are, you won’t be.


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