DAY 12 - Summer Change Challenge!

CHALLENGE - Eat smaller meals more frequently

Shoot for about 5ish meals. Snacks can be considered small meals if they are balanced with a protien and good carb (see Challenge 8)

To lose layers, you have to eat. That’s right, you have to eat to lose, but eat more nutrient-filled food. You should be eating all day. Go too long and you get hungry and tempation rears it's ugly head. You also slow your metabolism by waiting all day to eat. Your body learns to conserve those one or two meals and slows down to accompodate the little bit of fuel it's getting. If you have a tendancy to overeat, eating every few hours will help with hunger and cravings.

You also have to eat to get lean, build muscle, train for a race, or any other health and fitness goal. Why? Because your body needs nourishment throughout your entire day to get the metabolism revving and to keep you from getting starved. The best athletes and the fittest bodies don’t starve, they eat. They eat often and they eat well. Shoot to eat every 3ish hours which equals about 5 smaller meals a day.  Snacks can count and should be looked at as mini-meals with the same nutritional balance of your main meals.  One of the most important aspects of eating more often is to keep you from getting hungry! The worst place to be on your fitness quest is starved. When your brain gets hungry, you are programmed to crave wrong carbs and sweets. The hormone Ghrelin stimulates the brain and increases appetite leaving your willpower weakened.

Look at each meal as a way to keep your metabolism burning and to nourish not just your body but your mind. How well do you think, perform or concentrate when you’re hungry? What kind of mood are you in? When you’re hungry, all good nutritional sense goes out the window and you often end up grabbing the wrong food. Remember, it’s not necessarily how much you’re eating, it’s what you’re eating that will get you to your goal.

Tips and Tricks:

As soon as you eat breakfast, calculate your meals every 3 hours from that time. Write them down on a dry-erase board, or program alarms in your phone so you remember to eat. Ex. If eat ate breakfast at 7 am, the rest of your meals would be 10am,1pm, 4pm, 7pm, 10pm.



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