DAY 13 - Summer Change Challenge!

CHALLENGE - No cookies, candy, or sugar sweets -

The is the beginning of your break up with sugar!

This one's pretty elf explanatory. Not only is there too much sugar in these foods which keeps your “layer” securely fastened, but they zap energy, concentration and keep you addicted. Eating high sugar/high carb foods keeps you wanting more of it. The sooner you wean and “clean” your nutrition of sugar, the easier everything else will flow. Learning to walk away and say NO to these ultra-tempting, goal busting foods is a big step in strengthening your no-muscle and to your life transformation. You don’t have to give them up forever, but give them up for now. Learn to say no and you gain control of your body.  The only way to get from here to there, is to walk away from here.

Also rethink desserts. You can change this ritual into a healthful one by using fruit in all kind of delicious, creative ways. Too much sugar will never let you have the health or body you’re going for. Don’t look at dessert as reward for finishing your food but rather and sweet way to get more nutrients. 

Tips and Tricks:

Simply leave it on the grocery shelves; walk right on past the junk aisle; avoid the office parties or stand away from the food; keep gum in your pocket and pop it in at a twinge of weakness; brush your teeth (nothing sweet tastes good with mint); and eat before you go to parties and gatherings so you’re not hungry and feel less tempted. The best way to get your sweet on is to reach for fruit. You don’t have to give up sweets forever, but do it for now. The more you move away from them, the less you’ll want them. Strengthen your ability to say no and you strengthen your body too. Use fresh fruit dishes and smoothies to satisfy your sweet tooth. Go looking for healthifed dessert recipes.