Day 14 - Summer Change Challenge - Last Day!

This is the last day of your challenge! But now you have all the tools to create the best body of your life. It's no big secret that the cleaner you eat the tighter, leaner and healthier you'll be. These "challenges" are really just a step by step process so that it's not all so overwhelming.


CHALLENGE - No high sodium food • Stop adding salt to your food and eating foods high in sodium


Begin adding a treat meal

Your body needs some sodium to function properly but you can get that through natural foods in produce including fish, meats, and vegetables. But most processed food contains far too much to be healthy. Excess sodium starts to accumulate in your blood and sodium attracts water which increases blood volume which makes blood harder to move through your body causing the heart to work harder.This can cause high blood pressure and other and lead to heart problems. From a purely visual stand point, too much sodium can cause water retention giving you that soft, fluffy look.What seems like extra weight, may be extra water. Restaurant food is one of the worst offenders with a single meal containing double, or even triple, the amount of recommended sodium for an entire day. Adding just one teaspoon of table salt to your food has aprox 2,400 mg of sodium which is the recommended daily limit.This number is lower if you have bllod pressure, heart or kidney problems.

Read labels! If a food had several hundred grams of sodium (or more) in one serving, put it back.

Tips and Trick:

Flavor foods with sodium free seasonings like; McCormick’s and Mrs. Dash flavorings, curry, cumin, pepper, garlic, onions, ginger, cilantro, basil, oregano, etc.


Schedule a treat meal.

It’s time!

You’re strong enough now.You should have food-joy in your life.At the beginning,the strategy is to simply stay away from the junk and sweets, If you could do moderation, you wouldn’t have been unhappy with your body to begin with. But as you gain confidence, and your No-muscle gets stronger, not only will you want the treats less, but you’ll be less likely to go overboard, not wanting to undo any of your hard work. But read this correctly, this is a treat “meal”, not a treat day. Pigging out for a day can set back your fitness several days. So decide what you’ll have and when, and enjoy! If most of what you eat is whole and healthy, occasional treats can be a part of your new healthy life.

*NOTE - Not everyone may be ready for a treat meal. For some, it's just the motivation they need to stay strong through their week while for others it opens a gate they cannot close. Know who you are. Don't throw away your hard work if you don't feel ready to take on this meal. Get strong, keep working out your No Muscle and enjoy when you feel able to put the breaks on.


Though this is the last official day of the challenge I'll be talking about these fitness strategies. All of these challenges are actually the "secrets of the super fit". This is what all the fittest bodies do.

Work your changes, make yourself stick to them no matter what and soon they’ll become sweet habits in your new life.



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