DAY 3 - Summer Change Challenge!

CHALLENGE - Don't look at yourself in the mirror and no mean talk

Other than to put on make up or shave, simply get ready for your day and keep moving. No scrutinizing or pinching your "flaws". No shaking your head and thinking mean thoughts about your body. No obsessing and beating yourself up about how you look.

What if someone called you names all day, telling you that you weren't good enough, fit enough, pretty enough, and that you just don't have it in you to be different. You'd probably punch them in the face. So then why is it ok to do that to yourself? It does the same damage. These negative dialogues and self defeating and sabotaging self-conversations are at the heart of your struggle. It's impossible to get up when you won't even let yourself get up.

Now what if someone said to you every day, you are amazing; you're so strong; you have accomplished so much, you can absolutely do this; I believe in you; you are worth taking care of.

This is where the mental aspect of your fitness begins. You need to THINK different thoughts. You need to think power-thoughts, I-can-do-this! thoughts, I-want-this thoughts! Your deep desire to want to feel good ,rather than bad all the time, has to take over. You need to visualize the powerful you, the fitter you, the you that struts in a room with confidence. You need to encourage and cheer on that YOU.

New thought - Think about what you WANT (body, health, happiness)  not about what you "can't have".  As you clean up your nutrition, don't see it as restricting what you eat,  you're actually giving yourself FREEDOM. Freedom from the worry, guilt and the constant internal bar fight going on in your head. And as you hit your goals, just imagine all the free mind time you'll have.

Good luck!


What you should be doing:

- Replacing sugary drinks with enough water throughout your day

- Setting aside at least 3 days for the Change Challenge workout, or a workout, walk, yoga, etc of your choice.

Tell me how you're doing in the comments below!


*Sneak peak into tomorrows challenge - Eat breakfast every day. Be ready!



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