DAY 4 - Summer Change Challenge - No Bread

CHALLENGE - No White Bread

• Choose whole grain options or no bread at all.

You don’t have to give up all bread, but you should let go of most of it, especially white. White bread  is made from refined white flour which means the wheat kernels have been stripped of their bran fiber coat and nutrient rich germ which eliminates all vitamins, minerals and fiber. Most “whole wheat” bread is no different. It’s processed the exact same way with carmel coloring added - marketing trickery! These breads are very high in the wrong kind of carbs (simple carbs - aka sugar) and will shoots up blood sugar and let it come crashing down. Tight bodies don’t eat it.

Tips and Tricks:

Bread and bread products should be limited altogether but if you’re going to eat it, choose “whole GRAIN” bread which uses the unstripped grain containing the cereal germ, endoperm and bran. But always check labels. Some breads claim to have “whole grain” in them but aren’t made completely from it. Again, marketing trickery. You can also use tortillas, whole wheat pitas or Ezekiel products made from sprouted whole grain. Even better, eliminate bread altogether by having brown rice, sweet potatoes, quinoa or oatmeal.

Get rid of bread forever?

Not forever but for now. In order to MOVE your fitness forward, you need to elimiate the things that are holding you back. This is one of them. You should start to look at bread as a "sometimes" food, and not a "go-to: food.


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