DAY 5- Summer Change Challenge

CHALLENGE -  Incorporate greens into at least 1 meal, preferably 2.

Eat a variety of vegetables though shoot for dark greens, the darker the better.

Dark green vegetables are probably the most concentrated sources of nutrition of any food. These magical greens are filled with vitamins and minerals that help regulate your blood, protect bones, may help prevent diabetes and fight against other diseases. They are also filled with fiber which is good for digestion, and your guts. If there is a “free” food, these are them. It’s nearly impossible overdo these wonders. They’re filling, filled with nutrients and yes, these are good carbs your body needs. You want to get in the habit of thinking about vegetables as a go-to food not just a when-you-feel-like-it food. Fitness is all about *nutrients* and these magical greens have it all.


Tips and Trick -

Broccoli, green beans, spinach, romaine, kale, swiss chard, asparagus, are just a few but choose any other favorite green you mean to eat but don’t. Use them as a side dish, main dish, in salads, and even as a lettuce-wrap. Steam, lightly saute, grill, or go raw. Shoot for greens, they’re the best choice, but add any vegetable into your day, whether you’re cutting tomatoes into a salad, having corn on the cob with your grilled protein of choice.




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