How to Combat The "I Have No Time" Excuse

"I have no time." It's the most common complaint about squeezing in a workout, or getting yourself started, or keeping yourself started. But fitness is as much about attitude as it is about moving and if you change your attitude to a get-it-doneattude, you will!


7 Ways to MAKE Time for Exercise


1. Stop saying "yes" to everything. Really pick and choose the kind of projects you agree to or volunteer for, or the work you agree to. It's ok, and necessary to say "no" for you.

2. Write it down. Put it on your calendar, write it on post-its, or put it in your phone, but set the time like an appointment.

3. Get off the computer. Your on-line world will be fine without you for an hour or so.

4. Multitask. Grab your kids and go for a walk, put them in a stroller or grab the bikes. Family fitness time can do twice the good. And look into gym Kids Clubs - play time for you AND the kids.

5. Get up 15-30 minutes earlier. That small edge can create more time later.

6. Be willing to stop in the middle. You don't have to complete every task, and have everything in a row before you leave for your workout. Those To-Do lists will alllwwwayys be there so to wait until they're finished before you workout may mean you never get there.

7. Set your alarm at workout time. Don't hit snooze, just go.

8. Before you plop down for the evening, stay in your day-zone and hit the gym, take a run around the block, pop in a workout video, or do a super-circuit in your home. Whatever you want to do, do it before you let your day be over.

9. Your workouts don't need to be long! Only 15 solid focused minutes is all you need. Here's an example of a cardio-muscled up super set - 10 high knee jogs (standing in one spot) - 10 Ab crunches - 10 Shoulder presses (with bands or dumbbells) - 10 air squats (no weight squats OR hold dumbbells in your hands if you want). Rest at the end of each whole circuit for 1-2 minutes and then go again. Try for 3 sets. There are countless combinations but the point is to mix in cardio moves (heart rate) with muscle moves.

10. If you have young kids, tell them you're all going to workout together. There's nothing having your children pulling at you, to make you do something. Do the first 10 or so minutes with them, then finish up the rest on your own. This is now play-time, teach time and workout time.. time maximized!

11. A workout can be anywhere! Give yourself a mini circuit and do it before you step into the shower in the morning. Some squats, push ups, sits, or band work. Outside, at a park, in your bathroom, just move.

Make time for exercise because the energy, confidence, and health it brings will create more time feeling good.


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