How to de-Bore Workouts!

You've stopped progressing. It may not be a plateau, it could be *boredom*.
Going through the motions is never the best way to reach a goal. It might help you inch towards it but you'll have a hard time reaching it. Boredom can be insidious for many reasons. Not only does your body adapt to the same ol', same ol', and not only does it take the fun and energy right out of what used to be fun and motivating, but since we often don't know how to change things up, we KEEP doing the same moves anyway, just without the focus, without the heart and with the intensity. And the worst symptom of boredom - Giving up.

How to DE-bore Your Workouts

• Change the order of your workouts. If your workouts always start the same way, start backwards.

• If you always use machines, grab some dumbbells or barbells instead.

• If you always do isolated body part workouts, try supersetting several moves together or full body workout with little to no rest between sets.

• Try Pyramid sets. Start your set with a low weight and with each set, increase the weight.

• Change up your cardio. Try a machine you've never used or take it outside with a run, bike ride, or even a game of basketball.

• If you always do DVD's, try some bands or hand weights for a good resistance workout.

• Take a class and learn a new kind of fitness.

• Take a week or a few days off. Sometimes resting and recharging is the best way to get reMOTIVATED.



-Heather Frey