How Do You Believe In Yourself When You Don't?

You want the body, the fitness, the health but you're just not sure you can.
How do you believe in yourself when you don't believe in yourself?
You have to DO what needs to be done, regardless of how you think you'll do.
You have to put away expectation and follow through with every action.
You have stop worrying what others will think and focus only what *you* think.
You can't measure yourself by what goes wrong, you learn from the wrongs, and measure how many things you've done right.
You have to stop playing out "worst case scenarios" and start playing "best case scenarios".


Regardless of how you feel about yourself right now, you can move from "here" the minute you start walking, running, spinning, biking, lifting yourself over "there".
As soon as you start DOING for yourself, you start believing in yourself.