How long is ONE minute?

It's long and intense when you're pushing your muscles! Instead of counting reps, count the minutes to a sharp body!
You can do these with different strategies. Try one that will work best for you:

• Try each move for * ONE minute*, rest 30 seconds, then go go to the next and do the circuit 3-5 times. OR
• Do all moves in a row with no stopping,Rest ONE minute - then go again. Do it 3-5 times if you DARE!

After proper warmup -

Minutensity #1

ONE minute of sit ups

ONE minute of push ups

One minute of standing lunges

Minutensity #1

ONE minute of shoulder presses

ONE minute of power jumps - get low and jump as high as you can (or lunge jumps)

ONE minute plank


Or do whatever combo works for the muscles you're training that day.
Count the minutes of intensity in your workouts, not just the minutes you're at the gym.



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