Hunger Games

You play them day in and day out - How long can I go without food before I lose consciousness or rip someone's head off?

You may not do it "on purpose" but you're not doing it by accident either. Letting yourself get starved IS a choice and it's one of the worst places you can be for any fitness or physique goal. Healthy bodies, strong bodies, athletic bodies, muscular bodies, aren't starved, they are FED... often... and with nutrients. Those buff bodies don't deny themselves food, they just choose their food wisely. The right food is what *feeds* their goal.

But what if you're simply trying to simply lose layers?
Again, starving yourself isn't the answer. First, you can only function for so long without enough food. Your body gets tired, your brain gets mushy, and your mood won't be able to hold onto any motivation. Low calorie intake will only get you so far before your body slowssss waaayyyy dowwwn in order to preserve energy and muscle tissue. And when it has no more food to use, it begins to use YOU to feed it. Gross, I know. So if you truly want to look better and feel better, you have to FEED YOURSELF. Start by eating within an hour of waking then eat every 3ish hours starting from that first meal.


The benefits of eating regularly:
- Lets your metabolism know that fuel is plentiful therefore it's ok to use it up. When you starve yourself, your body slows down to conserve what little food it has.
- Stabilizes hunger
- Helps curb cravings
- Supplies essential nutrients for your workouts and to build your body
- Helps keeps energy and mood steady
*And don't forget to stay hydrated. The same is true for water - make sure you're drinking enough throughout your whole day
In other words, forget everything  you hear about eating less, you may actually have to eat more BUT of the right foods.


Starved? In a hurry? Scramble up some eggs in less than 5 minutes!

Note on yolks -  they are great for you but they're high in fat, about 4-5 grams per yolk, so although it's the good fat, it can still too much of a good thing especially if you're trying to lose layers and/or get lean. The idea is balance. You're better of with one yolk (maybe 2) and a serving of nuts or avocado later in the day.




photo by By Marian Chinciusan