I could just not eat and lose right?


You have to EAT.

You can't have the body or fitness you want starving yourself. Sure you'll lose weight, at first, but then 2 things happen -

1 - Your body will slow down to conserve the little food you give it so eventually weight loss slows or stops and you're just left hungry, tired, moody and fatigued. Not to mention there's no way to maintain starvation and have any kind of life.

2. You'll get so tired, and foggy brained that it will be hard if not impossible to keep up motivation and you'll end up right where you started.

Don't so desperate to lose weight. It's SO much easier to eat delicious healthified food than it is to walk around hungry. And time flies when you're feel good, strong, and healthy. Do this, and the natural consequence is weight loss.

EATING is your best weight loss tool! Add working out you have 2 of the most powerful body transformation tools you can have.


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