I Decided...

I was tired of being unhappy with the mirror.

excuses weren't helping me.

fitting into my clothes felt better than eating pizza.

I take impeccable care of my children and that I deserve the same treatment.

I hated feeling invisible.

I hated feeling tired.

success isn't just for "other" people.

my children would be just fine if I took an hour or so to workout.

I was tired of the preoccupation with my weight.

I didn't like feeling out of shape even though I worked out.

if I took the time I spent worrying about my body, and put it towards smarter workouts, I'd probably make better progress.

mediocre wasn't good enough.

this time I was going to go forward and I wasn't going back.

I was tired of trying to figure out what to eat every day.

I would find out exactly what the equipment at my gym was for.

smaller clothes looked better on me.

I didn't like the shape of my butt and I wanted to change it.

scales are bad and I wouldn't measure my worth by it's number.

to change my body I had to change how I talked to myself.

I would embrace the notion that I had to eat to make gains.

carbs were not the enemy and were not the reason for my layer...I was.

I was the boss of food, not the other way around.

I could do it.

I was worth it.



I did it... so can you.

- Heather