Injured? 5 Tips to Keep Your Fitness Even When You're Downed

There's never a good time to get injured. It's always a hassle and it always throws off your life. But it doesn't have to stop, not even your fitness. You won't be injured forever so if you can get through it without stopping all the way, you'll be fine. I broke my foot in May 2013 competing on American Ninja Warrior. I was told it was the worst foot injury you could have. But I wasn't going to let my years of hard work disappear for one little broken foot.

So what should you do if you're injured or otherwise sidelined from your fitness routine?

1. Eat CLEAN.
This is the #1 thing you need to do. It's what helped keep me tight when I couldn't workout at all, which was a few weeks. Now more than ever is the time to kick in your best and healthiest eating habits making sure to take in enough macronutrients for your healing process and to hold onto the fitness you've worked so hard for. Clean eating gives your body nothing to store, only the nutrition it needs for your recovery.

I know it's hard but it's an absolute MUST. Pushing a healing body isn't going to further your goal, it will only slow it down or stop it altogether .Re-injuring an already injured body will only set you back further and may even do permanent damage. You will lose some traction but that'll be easy to reclaim once you're well enough to get back to it. But Be kind and patient with yourself. The better you are at rest, and sleep, the faster the healing process will go.

3. Remember, you will be healed.
Don't let this time be a pass to let down your fitness guard, use it as a time to rest, heal, and healthily. You don't want to lose all your hard work and you don't want to make your rehabbing situation worse with extra weight and feeling down. By keeping a positive frame of mind, you work to hold onto what you have until you're well enough to move forward again.

4. Modify but keep up your workouts (*if cleared by your doctor)
They may not even be close to your regular workouts but *modify*. Since I had a foot injury, I worked my upper body, abs, and did lots of supersets to get my heart rate up since I wasn't able to do any standing cardio. It worked brilliantly while forcing me to be creative which kept me from getting bored or down.

5. Keep your mind forward.
Stop worrying. You WILL get through this and it will be over. Living in what's already done or what could be (but probably won't) does nothing but steal your time from solving, moving, and staying positive.


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