Late night binges vs Late night eating.

These are two very different things. Binging is a loss of food control and harmful to your physical body as well as emotional well being  while late night eating may be exactly what your body needs for you goal. You don't have to go to bed starved. Late night binges generally come on strong with overwhelming cravings and an inability to stop even though you know you should, and want to. People often feel a sense of shame after a binge.

On the other hand, late night eating can be just what your body needs. If you're hungry then some of your left over chicken and veggies, fruit, or some greek yogurt is not going to hurt you. It's not what time you eat that's as important as WHAT you eat. And no, those healthy calories won't stick to you just because you can't work them off. Your body is always working, even when it's sleeping. So unless you go completely overboard, clean food isn't going to cause weight gain.


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