My TV Appearance on the CW - The Change Challenge!

Need some motivation? How about a plan to get your fitness going in the right direction?

Check out my TV segment ---> (video)  "Inside South Florida - A Fitness Game Changer"  ---> on the CW here in South Florida highlighting my 30 Day Change Challenge which is right here on my site.

 What exactly is The Change Challenge?

The Change Challenge is different from other fitness challenges in that it takes the focus away from the scale and puts the emphasis on what it is you need to DO to reach your goals. It is a change by change process of making small changes over time until they become your new habit. That is where all success comes from - changing a habit from one that holds you back to one that moves you forward. That’s "habit shifting". It’s all the small steps that equal your BIG step. You eliminate some foods, add others and shift behavior while beginning to make time to move and schedule exercise.The idea isn’t just about weight loss or fitness, per say, it’s to teach you new thinking and decision making so you can carry forward and design a healthful life that is do-able, live-able, and stick-to-it-able! THAT is how you lose weight, get fit, and stay that way…forever.  

Try something different than all the other "diets". They don't work because they're temporary solutions. Think differently, so that you do things differently, and he natural consequence is smaller, tighter, leaner body. And HEALTH. Don't think "restriction" think *habit shifting*. Strong healthified habits are what will let you keep your strong body.

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