This is an advanced routine that requires some set-up but can be modified for no-set-up/intermediate workout.
I am not looking to add more size to my quads, so I like to do what I call S-D Sets - Super-Duper Sets. S-D Sets incorporate many moves (this one is 5) in order to tighten and shapify the quads from all directions without really growing them.
You will hit your quads PLUS glutes and hamstrings.

Take a deep breath...breath out...and let's begin!


MOVE 1 - Air Squats

 - 20 Reps These are squats with no weights but with perfect form. Keep your back straight, legs should be shoulder width apart, eyes straight ahead, and then stick out butt as though you're going to sit down. Go as low as comfort will allow. • 10 standard • 10 toes turned out to hit inner thighs



 - 15 reps Lay on the floor, feet on the floor and knees bent, arms to your side and lift butt towards the ceiling making sure to squeeeezing at the top. Hold each for 2 seconds.


MOVE 3 - Standing lunges

 - 10 reps on each leg (alternate steps) Stand with your hands on your hips, eyes forward, back straight and step forward as though you are going to kneel on one knee but don't let knee touch the ground. Then come back up to your starting position and repeat with the other leg. Again, don't hunch over, look straight ahead of you which helps with body position.

MOVE 4 - Power squats 

 - 10 reps total Stand feet together and jump feet out to each side and into a squat position then immediately jump feet back together to starting position, again into a squat position. It's basically and out-in movement with air squats. This is super leg and cardio work.

Do this whole circuit once or 2-3 more times for a super quadrifying and cardio workout!

* To make it a little easier, do two of the moves in a row (like move 1 and 2) and rest for 30 seconds and then continue on with moves 3 and 4.  But if you're doing all the moves in a row, rest after move 4 for 1-2 minutes before repeating. This is the very effective HIIT!  (High Intensity Interval Training)
* To make it harder add weights were you can!
Photo of Heather Frey by Doug Smith