Should You Struggle When You Workout? YES. Here's why..

Workout struggle.
How much is the right amount?
There are all kinds of theories regarding how heavy you should lift, how many reps to build muscle, how many reps to tighten, and how intense you should make your workout. But whatever your goal or workout preference you should always struggle. That is, you should always be pushing yourself just a little further then you can go.
That doesn't mean pain! That means, you don't stop when things get too heavy, you shoot to get out one or two more.


It means you pick up a heavier weight because you can now easily do the 10 or 15 reps with the weights you've been using.

It means you don't leave the class before it's done, you rest a few minues and keep going.

It means you work on an exercise you're not good at (like push ups) until you are good at them.

It means you should always get to the end of your reps thinking,"that was hard!"

It means you may have to slow down for a moment, but you don't stop.

It means you may even have to struggle with your ego and push through feeling awkward and new.


Struggle is part of success, and not just in fitness (obviously). Struggle is the place of growth. Comfy means staying right where you are.
Embrace the struggle because if it's easy, you're not doing it right.



photo by Ryan McGuire