What Does It Take To Stay Body Positive?

You'll never feel "done". Fitness isn't something you ever really finish,but you should get to a place of feeling good and feeling proud of all you've accomplished in your fitness. Beating yourself down for not being "there" yet will never let you get UP. Push and encourage yourself and talk to yourself as you would talk to your best friend... which you are. Does negative reinforcement really work on anybody? You have to be able to recognize how far you've come or you won't recognize when you *arrive*.


10 Ways To Stay Body-Positive


1. Stop looking in the mirror so much.

Get ready and just go.


2. Stop comparing yourself to everyone.

As you might be looking at someone with jealousy, they may be looking at you the same way.


3. Don't be jealous.

Keep your eyes on the prize and put your energy into your push-attude, not on what they have and you don't.


4. Put your progress pictures in front of your face so you can see how far you've come.


5. Post motivational photos and words to keep your mind where it needs to be... grateful and forward!


6. Stop looking at the parts of the body you hate with disgust.

Look at those parts as "works in progress". Do research on exercises, and workout routines to help shape those spots. Take them on as a challenge!


7. Look at the parts of your body you like!

And give yourself a pat on the back. Wear clothes that show off those great features. Feel good about what you have already.


8. Stop scrutinizing, looking, and pinching your every flaw.

We all have them. Be grateful you have the ability to  move and make the choices to get you where you want to go. See yourself as an amazing, capable and transformable body and spirit.


9. Stay away from the glamour magazines.

Those woman are paid models and even they are airbrushed. How many woman do you know personally that look like that? They are not the norm, so stop going for abnormal.


10. NEVER forget your power.

Never forget you can decide to change, and be changed, at any moment...like right *now*.




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