What would happen if you said No?

So nice of you to let everyone go ahead of you.
Marvelous of you to give up plans and goals to make sure everyone else is happy.
And just superduper of you to be so giving that people ask you to do all kinds of things because they know you'll always say yes.

You are officially a GOOD PERSON.

And if you are perfectly content, than more power to you.
But if you feel a tinge of resentment doing for everyone else while you leave no time for yourself, I have to tell you something -


Putting everyone else's needs ahead of yours doesn't make you a good person, your heart makes you a good person. Your ability and willingness to help lift people makes you a good person. But it doesn't mean that you need to squeeze yourself dry.

It's your turn.
Don't keep letting everyone ahead of you or those dreams that were planted inside you when you were born will never grow. You have got to let people wait while you take *your* turn and maybe, just maybe, let them help you.

-Heather Frey

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Photo by Ryan McGuire