Your Inner Voice Can Make You Fit


Not seeing results? Not progressing like you'd hoped?
Then what are you SAYING to yourself?
As good as you think you are at eating and working out, most likely there are leaks in your inner-conversations that are are crushing your results.

If you're saying things like:

"...just this once",

"I was good today so I can have________",

"I worked out hard today so I can have________",

"I ate bad. I'm not eating today."

"I'll never have that body. Forget it."

"I don't feel like working out. I'll go tomorrow."

then your little voice might be sabotaging you.

If you're skipping out on workouts, short changing your reps, giving into foods you know you shouldn't eat, then you're ignoring your heart and listening to your inner-little-kid voice. That voice wants to play and eat candy but that quiet gnaw is your heart's deepest desire because it knows what it wants without any words. It's your job to quiet that kid and let your heart take over.

Of course you can treat yourself sometimes, and certainly life pops up and you'll miss workouts, but if you're frustrated at your lack of results, your inner voice needs to say, "no thanks", "I'll find something else to eat", "I won't undo my day", "no way", "I'm hitting my workout no matter what". Your inner voice needs to be your best friend, encouring you, cheering you, stearing you, and telling you how great it's going to be if you just stick to it!

Your inner voice can be your enemy or your best friend but ultimately it will do what you tell it to do. Talk yourself into you success.