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My mission is to help people find their mission. The better people feel about themselves, the easier that is to do" - Heather Frey

Heather Frey is the founder and president of SmashFit.com, and the creator of The Change Challenge. Heather brings a sense of "I know what you're going through" experience to SmashFit and to helping people reach their fitness goals and life’s potential even through the toughest of circumstances.

“It’s not just what you eat, and it’s not just workouts, it a combination of both AND more importantly, figuring out how to make them work in your busy life. Mental strategy is what makes the physical strategy possible.”


ABOUT Heather


Heather Frey is the owner and founder of SmashFit.com, a site which focuses not just on the physical side of fitness, but on the mental and emotional sides as well. She is also an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Fitness and Life Strategist, speaker, writer, clean eating advocate, artist, former Figure champion as well as a wife and mother of two.

Working with clients led her to create The Change Challenge, a change by change, phase by phase fitness strategy, which was launched on The Ricki Lake Show. She then became the show’s social media fitness expert leading weekly discussions and educating people on how to make the right nutritional and fitness choices to suit their life and goals. Along with her appearance on the Ricki Lake Show, she was also the the fitness expert on the NBC6 TV show “Miami Moms” and was invited to present fitness segments on both NBC6 and CBS Miami. Heather also had the honor of  being selected to compete on the hit TV show American Ninja Warrior where she was one of only a handful of women chosen for the challenge.

Because of her understanding about the mental and physical impact of nutrition and exercise, Heather has been invited to teach at the Department of Justice in Miami on the importance of "The Role of Nutrition and Exercise in Managing Stress". She speaks to both new and seasoned police officers about how the food they eat can impact their ability to manage stress and teaches real world techniques to help them improve their approach to nutrition and thereby improving their over-all health and well-being.

Heather has also been in SELF Magazine, BOCA Magazine, Natural Muscle, Oxygen Magazine and was invited to be a speaker at The Women's Empowerment Series, seminars focused on helping women build their best life. She is regularly invited to talk about her specialty, the mental mindset of fitness, which is at the heart of achieving all goals.

Heather began her health and fitness career when she began training for Figure (physique) competitions in 2006 and by 2007 had won many first place titles which earned her a spot to compete at the national level where she placed in the Top 10. This led to being selected for the book “Fit Girls” by renowned physique photographer John Stutz.

Along with her fitness career, Heather is an experienced graphic designer and published artist. She worked around the country for 15 years as a freelance designer and owner of Heather Frey Designs. She launched her art career in 2005 by coming out with calendars, cards and journals sold at Borders Books, featuring her inspiring women and words of wisdom.

The inspiration for SmashFit came when she finally learned the truth about the power of nutrition and exercise, not just to your body, but to your mind. She wanted  to share that truth with others and teaches strategy for change and motivates people into their healthiest and most fulfilling life. Her words demonstrate that she understands fitness goals and personal goals start in one spot - the mind; and by motivating and reconditioning the mind, anything is possible.

SmashFit isn't just a fitness website, it's a culmination of a lifetime of work designed to move people into a the life they were meant to live. Fitness is one of THE key elements for balance because when you feel good, the rest almost takes care of itself. SmashFit comes more out of the desire to FEEL better; looking better is the icing.




And now a word...

I am you. I am no different. I was the eating-disorder girl. I was the smoking-workout girl (quit many years ago). I was the "I'm not eating that much why can't I lose weight" girl. I was the "stay in the gym for 3 hours" girl. I was the "finished my 12 reps I'm outta here" girl. I've done it all, been many sizes, believed all the myths, told myself the same fibs, and made all the same excuses as you. I am you.

But no matter which girl I was, mediocre was never my goal. I always wanted to be fabulously fit but just never was able to understand how. Or perhaps I just didn't have the right motivation. Or maybe I was just plain lazy. But most likely, the right information would have saved me a lot of time and frustration. It seemed I'd get one part right, and the other part wrong. I'd work out great, but my nutrition was stupid (popcorn is not considered dinner, by the way). So after I had my second baby I made a decision.

This time, I WILL reach my goal. I will not hold onto the baby weight. I will focus on fitness AND health, and this time I'm going to get the right information and do things the right way. I will not feed into the age myth that has us convinced there's simply nothing we can do to stop father-time. I will stop making excuses. And most of all, I will stop feeling guilty! Which brings me to one of my MOST important discoveries; Getting fit is not selfish. I thought that way after my first baby.  I mean, what business did I have doing something for myself when I should be caring for my helpless baby every second of every day? But then I woke up. It took me six years (the age gap between my children) to realize that if I loved my babies so much and would do anything for them, why wouldn't I take care of the most important thing in their life...their mother.  How can you give your children the best of yourself, when you are tired, depleted, and just an itty bitty bit resentful of your loss of freedom?

So after about three months, I headed back to the gym, baby in tow. And I didn't stop. I went on an information seeking mission. But from the dozens (and dozens) of web sites, books, and countless magazines, I found so much conflicting information, it was hard to know what to believe. Finally, from my friend, and expert trainer, I learned the real truth. It comes in the form of good news and bad news. Which do you want first? I'll start with the bad; the real truth is that unless you suffer from a medical condition, all our bodies basically work the same, so the elaborate webs of deceit we tell ourselves...well...sorry, but they won't fly. We often fool ourselves into believing what we WANT to believe. "I just have a slow metabolism".  "I'm over 30." "I'm over 35". I'm over 40." "I raaaarely eat junk food". blah, blah, blah.

Ok, now for the good news; all our bodies basically work the same! Weird huh. This is good news because it means you absolutely can achieve your fitness goals! If you eat right and workout smart, your body will react similarly to the buff girl/guy squatting next to you. Yes. It's true. The same principals of training and nutrition apply to you and the person preparing for a competition. The difference is simply the combination of training and nutrition, based on your body type, weight, activity level and fitness goals. And once I learned this very simple truth, and began applying it to my specific goals, everything started to come together. I was finally making progress again and I was finally getting the results I'd wasted years trying to achieve.

I am you. I just finally figured out the truth as it applies to me. I created SMASHFit to pass the truth onto you.
It is time my friend. Start right here, right now and we promise to help you every step of the way.

Heather's Stats

Name: Heather Frey

Family: Married with two darling girls, one big one little


  • Founder and President of Smashfit
  • Creator of The Change Challenge
  • Fitness Strategist
  • Trainer
  • Speaker
  • Entrepreneur
  • Artist and graphic designer
  • Former national figure competitor
Heather Frey
Chief Executive Officer / CEO

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