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3 Ways To Make Time For Fitness When You Have No Time

You're a single parent, or you travel most of the year, or you work and have kids… You barely have time to sit, let alone workout. So how do you make time for fitness when you have no time?

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They Just Want To Sell You

Don't buy into anything that says, "Lose 10 pounds of fat in a week!"

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16 Apr

Are you fooling yourself with cardio?

You're moving a LOT, sometimes an hour or more and you're doing it OFTEN. You're tired and sore, but you just aren't losing the layers the way you'd hoped nor do you feel that great.

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Do flavors you add to water count as "water"?

We all know water is superior hydration (with an exception for some extreme sports) but for some reason, you just don't like it or you can't make yourself drink enough of it, you need flavor!

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